A Family and their Shepherds...

About the Halls 

This is our passion! We believe in bettering the GSD and WS breeds. We show, we title, we health clear, and we stay in very close contact with our clients and puppies we place. 

Our dogs are like our children to us. We feed a Raw, Meat-and-Bone diet, based on the PREY Model diet (to the dogs, not the children–LOL) and Victor dog food. Our dogs are never kept in kennels or runs or kept chained–like you often see. All of our GSDs are AKC registered and our white shepherds are dual registered with UKC. All puppies come with a 2yr hip/health written guarantee, AKC/UKC registration, current vaccination record, a microchip, New Owner Puppy Manual, Victor food, and lifetime breeder support.

All of our puppies are handled daily and raised in our home with other animals and our children. During the first six to eight weeks, this is critical for proper socialization and for development of a suitable temperament that make them good family companions. Our puppies can and have been trained for Service/Therapy, Search and Rescue, Protection–or for the Show Ring, Agility, tracking, Rally, Barn Hunting etc...

We breed strictly for quality and health and hope our clients are looking for that. All of our breeding shepherds go through appropriate health screening and tests prior to breeding. Our goals for our business are to produce the best examples of the breed within our power and to educate the public on the breed, from do's and don’ts to nutrition to socialization. Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy all these adorable photos. We hope you’ll join our awesome GSD/WSD family!

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                        Below are the shepherds in our family: 

IMG E0020

Jerry Lee Reid von Hall (solid blk male) Available for stud to approved females(do not contact us if your female is not AKC registered AND OFA certified hips/elbows and DM tested). Please contact us through our contact page!

Jerry’s AKC# DN39663909 DNA# V735472 OFA Good hips/Normal Elbows DM N/N MDR1 N/N 

Jerry is the ultimate family companion. Solid nerve and temperament. He is fantastic with other animals and especially children/babies. He is loyal, confident, and crazy about his ball, but loves his bed next to his person, My Dad. We will probably never have another shepherd like our Jerry. He is truly once in a lifetime dog. He passes his beauty and temperament to his puppies. 


*Special thanks to my dad,for partnering with me on our Jerry! 


                                  Hi, I’m Jewels

Jewels, at an agility trial, in Purina Farms, Gray Summit, MO. As you can see, we did well!!


 Yjewels von Rheinhardt NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, CGC, CGCA (blk/red female) (Possible pairing with our Jerry for a repeat litter Fall of 2018)

Jewels’ AKC# DN39654205 DNA# V735471 OFA Fair hips/Normal Elbows DM N/N MDR1 N/N


Jerry and Jewels are cream of the crop, excellent examples of the breed. Jerry, as you can see in his pedigree, comes from a line of champion and working shepherds with superb drive, conformation, health, and temperament. Jewels, as you can see in her pedigree, comes from the old and wanted Ritterberg West German show line straight from Germany. Her parents are both imported from Germany with impressive titles and rankings. We are very lucky and proud to have these shepherds added to our program. Both have excellent temperments, medium drive, and aim to please us. We expect blk/red and blk/tan pups with excellent temperaments, health, and ability just like their ancestors which makes phenomental family companions, service/therapy dogs, k9s, trackers, and much more. This will be a repeat pairing. Check out our past litter tab to see how gorgeous and successful their first litter was. 

FB IMG 1441997212696

Here is Jessie visiting with some kids from our homeschooling group. She enjoyed the attention and was the perfect dog for some of the kids who were a little scared of bigger dogs.


White Stone’s Jessie (Our White Shepherd) 

Solid white; 65lbs; comes from a long line of International champions; very sweet and laid back; OFA normal elbows and good hips; MDR1 N/N, DM N/N, superb confirmation; excellent example of the breed. Jessie is triple registered with AKC, UKC, and AWSA.

DNA # V735474 AKC # DN34790006 UKC # P791-807 MDR1 N/N DM N/N

OFA# GS-91008G24F-VPI (hips) OFA# GS-EL30749F24-VPI (elbows)



CH Avah von Hocking Hugel Hirt TD, UNJ, CGC, NTD (black/tan)

IMG 0715

Here is our Avah earning her AKC TD(tracking dog) title in July 2017. Boy was it hot but so worth it. She was the only dog to pass her test at this trial. Girl has a nose!!!

IMG 0716
IMG 0297
IMG 0414

Here is Avah showing in FAST cats. Her fastest time was measured at 27.2 MPH! One more run and she will have her BCAT title with AKC. 

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

Here is Avah competing in a UKC Dock Diving event. She earned her UNJ title in one weekend. Her farthest jump was measured at 10.2ft. 

This awesome gal is already a UKC champion and titled as a Tracking Dog(TD), United Novice Jumper(dock diving-UNJ), Canine Good Citizen(CGC) and Novice trick dog (NTD). Avah is actively working towards her next title, TDX(tracking dog excellent with AKC)  She has a high drive and is so fun to work. She absolutely loves water, we are trying out Dock Diving, so far so good!! 

Avah is dual registered with AKC and UKC, SV A1 Normal hips and OFA elbow Normal, DM, HU, and MDR1 normal/normal. She has OFA normal Cardiac, Patella, Full Dentition, Thyroid and Shoulder. 



Below is Piper, Maci, and AKC judge, Rebecca. This is the weekend this amazing team earned their Novice Standard agility title. They are a show stopper for sure! 


Hall’s Maci of Foxhunt’s Hero NA NAJ CGC (our white shepherd from our Jessie/Justice Spring 2016 litter) Our daughter, Piper, is training hard and currently trialing with Maci in Agility! Best friends!! OFA good hips, normal elbows, patella, cardiac and shoulder. Full dentition. DM/MDR1 clear.

Planned Fall litter with FoxHunt’s Bo


IMG 0881
IMG 0865
IMG 0522

Sammie von Hall RATI, RATN, CGC (our West German lined black/red female from our April 2016 litter) Sammie is our Barnhunting Queen. She is cool, calm, and collected until she smells or hears a rodent. She needs one more run to get her next Barnhunt title.

OFA hips/elbows, normal patella, cardiac and shoulder. Full dentition. DM/MDR1 clear. 

Upcoming litter with our Jerry. Due beginning of September.


IMG 0576

UKC CH Foxhunt Magically Delicious NTD, ITD, CGC aka Missy (our "New" white Super Star) Missy is working towards her UKC Grand championship this year!


IMG 2254

Missy loves the show ring and everyone loves Missy! She is known as my sweetheart and that she is! A special gift from my beloved white shepherd mentor, Scarlett Sanders, who passed in the beginning of 2018. RIP Scarlett! 

Below is Missy, as a puppy, doing some therapy work. 

FB IMG 1492008406227

IMG 1986

Hall’s Athena Goddess of the Whitestones

Our newest White Shepherd! She is currently 9 months old and working on her UKC championship and CGC! She has the most upbeat and loving personality. She loves everyone and everything. When she is 2, she too, will go for her health clearances. 

IMG 2249

Some More Pics of Our GSDs

20140208 084344

Let’s get the snowball! Which way did it go? Did you see it? It just disappeared… (Bandit, Jetta (retired May 2014), Shiloh - Feb. 2014)

20131008 093326

Squirrel! (Jessie, Jetta) Jetta retired in May 2014! 


Bandit and Shiloh cooling off in a pool filled with ICE! lol Spoiled much!

ATT 1391047481593 20131025 183435

Snoozing... (Jetta, Bandit)

20140304 112136

BFFs (Piper, Jessie)

20130525 191429

Cruisin’ on the lake (Bandit, Summer 2013)

20121226 095457

Jessie at 4 months (Shiloh, Jessie)

20130201 211518

Jessie at 6 months… worn out from the Dog Park (Jessie)

76681 172879742730673 7673942 n

Not quite a year old (Bandit)

155458 172879546064026 5386190 n

Around six months old… “This bed is too small." (Shiloh)


Piper and Jessie 4/2014 Chillin’


Jerry’s first long car home! July 2014 9wks old


Jewels’ first long car ride home! 8wks old


 Jessie and I July 2014 Camping @ Navarre Beach 

Jewels and Jessie Boating @ Pickwick Lake August 2014 

20140816 135354

Jerry and Piper “Kissy Kissy” August 2014 

IMG 0658

At the lake Summer 2014 Piper and Jewels


Jewels and Jerry!


Jewels’ first snow January 2015


Our Jessie!


Shiloh and Jewels! Hi Mom! January 2015


Special Treats for Special Shepherds! Dont worry I took the bone away after they striped the meat! (It is Water buffalo)


Jessie, Justice (outside stud) and myself! 


Christmas 2015 Jessie, Shiloh and Jewels


Jewels Dec 2015


Jerry Dec 2015 "Whats up”


Jewels hiding from the litter of puppies on the very top step! 



Jewels in training/at AKC show! Top picture is agility and bottom is obedience! She has earned her CGCA title with AKC. 

20140608 170253

Sweet Momma Shiloh


Momma Shiloh 

IMG 0353

                                                Avah aka Water Horse!

IMG 0334

Avah at Pickwick Lake October 2016


Happy Birthday Avah! 10/24/16 1year old

Piper and Maci training for agility! Maci 1yr old- Piper 8years old

IMG 0070

Avah, Sammie, and Missy all received their AKC CGC titles 10/6/17

Piper and her Maci received their AKC CGC title! Best behaved team of the day. What a team!! 10/6/17

Amazing control this little girl has! Junior Handler! 


Jerry with our Twins, Jase and Luke, at Davy Crockett State Park. He is amazing with them! Our gentle protector. 

Jewels earning her Open Jumpers Title in Decatur AL May 2018! She also turned 4! Happy Birthday big girl.

IMG 2571

Avah in her element! May 2018

IMG 2541

Piper, Maci, and Athena chilling in the RV after a long day of agility trialing. May 2018

Piper and Maci warming up for their next run!


Jewels says, “Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you will become part of our shepherd family!"

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