Dog Park

We try at least once a month to go to the park! My clients and I meet up at the Suggs Dog Park in Collierville for a play date! Here’s a few pics from our get togethers...

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Mieka, Zeus, Jessie, Gigi, Brandi, Lily, Grizzly, Jetta, and Bandit (from left to right, GSDs only)

20140310 124045

Grizzly and his dad, Bandit

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Jetta, Piper, and Mieka (Bandit/Shiloh)

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Izzy (Bandit/Shiloh)

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Gigi (Jetta) and Mieka (Bandit/Shiloh)

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Lily (Jetta)

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Zeus (Jetta)

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Gigi and Lily (sisters, from Jetta)

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Beautiful Day 4/2014 Lily an Big Brother Zeus (Jetta Babies litter 2012)


3/2014 Shiloh and Carina (Bandit/Shiloh litter 2012) “TWINS”


Jetta with her kids (Lily and Zeus) 9/2013


Einstein & Fritz 9months old (Jetta’s 2012 litter) 2 brothers!


Jerry and Jewel 17weeks at the dog park


9/27/14 left to right: Izzy, Jerry, Jewels, Carina, Jessie, Rhea, and Charley


Carina and Izzy SISTERS! Both Bandit and Shiloh pups 1 litter apart


Frizbee!! Jack, our adopted long haired shepherd, is big bro to Carina (Bandit/Shiloh)


Rhea and Charley (Jessie/Bandit) SISTERS!


Jerry and Jewels first playdate 16wks 9/16/14 My other guys are after a Squirrel!


The TWINS! Gigi and Nala..same baby daddy, our Bandit! lo

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