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Currently we have 2 FEMALE White 

Shepherd puppies available for deposit.

Teal and Lime Green Collars. 8weeks and

ready to go.

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Click the link below for our most recent pictures:

Jessie/Bo 6/25/18 WEEK EIGHT (Puppies go home) I let the photos do the talking this week! LIME AND TEAL ARE AVAILABLE

Jessie/Bo 6/18/18 WEEK SEVEN (Puppies go for a Vet Exam) These little guys have our hearts! Each and every puppy is just a joy! They thoroughly enjoyed playing outside this morning during our photo shoot. Tomorrow we go for their vet exam, fecal, and microchip placement! I will try to take some pictures of their first outing! Everyone should have received a copy of our contract via email. I hope you have purchased your Victor Professionals, XL crate, bowls, toys, collar, leash, treats, and bed! One more week and these little angels are yours! Has the wait been worth it? Can’t wait to meet everyone on Monday! Text me your desired time between 10AM and 3PM and I will start putting together a schedule. I will do my best to accommodate everyone’s wishes. 

What to bring to your appointment on Monday:

* Puppy safe toy OR small blanket to rub siblings down for scent

* Paper towels and walmart sack for the ride

* Adjustable puppy collar

* $10 cash for your microchip registration I pre-paid for. Regular price is $19.99



* Registered name for your puppy’s AKC and UKC papers. Per our contract it must include Hall. For example: Hall’s (Puppy Name) of (Your Last Name)      OR   (Puppy Name) of Halls   

        Don’t stress to much about the registered name. Just come with your puppy name and I will help. 

*Remaining balance in CASH 

Jessie/Bo 6/11/!8 WEEK SIX (Puppy Pick Day) The pups received their 6 week shot and routine worming. They really enjoy their raw chicken wings and necks! They have completely figured out where we keep the dog food and boy do they holler to let us know they are hungry! These two weeks will fly by so I hope you are getting your house puppy proofed! Let me know if you haven’t received your email copy of our contract. Enjoy the pictures!

Jessie/Bo 6/4/18 WEEK FIVE These little guys are so playful and so active! They are completely weaned from Momma and eating 3x a day. The pups received another round of wormer and I trimmed their nails again. They absolutely love to go outside in the morning before it gets to hot. Next week is puppy pick week. As far as I know everyone is choosing from the Week 6 photo shoot. I will upload the photos as earlier as I can Monday morning and we notify you via text when it is your turn to pick your puppy. I will also be emailing you all a copy of our puppy contract for you to review. This will be the contract we sign together at 8 week pickup. You do NOT have to print or email back anything. The food we weaned the puppy too is called Victor Professionals (purple bag). I highly recommend this food, Let me know what questions you have! Enjoy!! 

Jessie/Bo 5/28/18 WEEK FOUR What active and outgoing little puppies I have! I am so pleased with this wonderful litter. Their temperments, black pigment, and white coats from the whole litter is just remarkable. Their first outing outside I expected timid, clingy puppies like I often see, well not these guys! They ran around everywhere!! They had a blast. We trimmed nails and they received another dose of wormer. These smart turkies have officially figured out that we are the giver of yummy puppy milkshakes! And boy do they let us know they are hungry! Everyone has gained pounds this week haha!! We will continue socialization and exposure to sounds, smells, being outside, the puppy tunnel, teeter, and tug cone! We had some friends and family in for the weekend and the pups did so well to new faces and smells. Just two more weeks until puppy pick day! I do believe orange female will be staying here with us. This litter is just to nice to pass it up! 

Jessie/Bo 5/21/18 WEEK THREE Playful and totally mobile is all I can say! These little guys are so happy to see us during our play sessions throughout the day. We introduced them to my famous “puppy milkshake” Monday morning. They are doing great. As you can see, I have put colored collars on each puppy which will remain until you guys pick them up on June 25. Males are still brown, blue, green, and red. Females are orange, yellow, pink, purple, lime green, and teal. This week we will introduce them to being outside and have visits from the other shepherds. They already interactive with them through the whelping pen. We also removed the whelping box, added a water bowl, and fun toys! Enjoy! 

Jessie/Bo 5/14/18 WEEK TWO And we have polar bears, just like that! Ha! It is starting to get fun around here! Most every puppy has their eyes and ears open or opening. They recognize our smell and voice already! They received their first dose of yummy wormer and had their nails trimmed. I expect them to start escaping the whelping box any day. At that point, we will add a water bowl and lots of fun toys. I hope to add puppy colored coded collars for the next photo shoot and maybe do it outside! We will see if they are ready by then. Enjoy!! 

Jessie/Bo 5/7/18 WEEK ONE Look at the difference just one week makes! All the puppies are thriving and very active for one week old puppies. We have started cuddling and holding each and every puppy daily. As well as holding them on their backs and playing with their little paws. As you can see their black pigment is coming in nicely! We should see eyes and ears opening very soon. Next week we will do a routine worming and cut everyone’s nails. Momma Jessie will be very appreciative. Jessie is not liking the marker on her puppies, so I’m not sure how long I can keep up with her cleaning it off. At 3-4 weeks, the pups will get their very own color coded collar. We do have a few more deposits to take so spread the word on this wonderful quality litter. Enjoy!! 

Jessie/Bo 5/2/18 NEWBORN As you can see from their adorable pictures, everyone is happy and healthy. We ended up with 6 females and 4 males. I have color coded each puppies with a washable marker so we can keep track of their weights and progress. The male colors are Red, Brown, Blue, and Green. The rest are little girls. The little white bandages on some of their legs is where their back declaws were removed. As you can see, their black pigment is just barely starting to come in on their noses and will continue over the next few weeks on their noses, lips, and pads of their feet. 

Please go ahead and put JUNE 25 on your calendar for pickup day. Everyone is picked up on the same day as it is less stress on the puppies. So you have 8 weeks so make arrangements. Also June 11 will be our 6 weeks puppy pick day. This is when we will select our puppies according to our deposit list and best fit for the puppy. You and your family, at this time, will be allowed to select in person or via photo and my recommendation. No one is allowed to touch the puppies before June 11. I know I am an anal grandma!! 

Enjoy the peace and quiet because in 8 weeks they are all yall’s HAHA! 

Jessie’s stud for their current Summer 2018 litter! 

UKC CH Steel’s Royal Combo of Foxhunt (aka BO) OFA Good hips and Normal Elbow, DM N/N, MDR1 N/N, SH, PA, CA, DNA-P


BO, who I have meet and loved on in person many times now is an absolute dream dog to have! He is a gentle giant who passes his wonderful temperament and excellent health clearances to his offspring. His pigment is perfect and his white coat is snow white. We are thrilled to be pair our Jessie with this one of a kind stud again. 

Note: Please go to Contact Us to let us know you’re interested. All of our puppies come with AKC registration, UKC registration(white shepherd only), 2 year health guarantee, microchip, current shot and worming record, puppy manual, and lifetime breeder support. 

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