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Week 7 Jewels/Jerry Pictures 11/27/17 The time has come! I can’t believe these precious babies are “leaving the nest” on Saturday. Told you it would fly by. Are you all ready? Is your house puppy proof? Crate, bed, toys, bowls, and Victor food all setup? Text me when any questions you have. We have scheduled all our puppy appointments and I sent you a list of things to bring with you on Saturday. Can’t wait to see everyone! Please be on time because your baby is waiting for you :) Enjoy guys!! 

Week 6 Jewels/Jerry Pictures 11/18/17 Puppy Selection Day!! Wahoo! ALL PUPPIES ARE RESERVED

Week 5 Jewels/Jerry Pictures 11/12/17 Look at us, we are so big! Everyone is weaned from Momma Jewels and enjoying their puppy milkshake 3 times a day. Boy, do they let us know when they are hungry. As you can see from the pictures, they absolutely love going outside and playing in the tunnel. They really enjoyed the ball pit as well but I forgot to snap a few pictures! I will this week, I promise. The kids are in and out of the puppy pen multiple times a day and the pups get so excited to see them coming. We are positively correcting biting and tugging of our clothes, shoes, and hands. I have found over the years, this really helps especially if the new family has children. Next Saturday is puppy pick time in order of deposit. I believe everyone is picking from photos and my recommendation of temperaments. If this has changed and you wish to pick your puppy in person, I need to know ASAP so we can get that scheduled for this coming Saturday. I will do my best to take photos Saturday morning and get them posted to this site. I will notify you when it is your turn to pick your puppy. I will be updating the site throughout the day and labeling who is available.  I can’t believe it is almost time for 6 weeks picks!! Time flies I swear. 

Also note that your puppy is weaned to the quality dog food, Victor professionals, in the purple bag. If you need a photo please text me. I order my food from chewy.com. I highly recommend you continue this food and the daily puppy vitamin, Suregrow. It will help the pups grow, help with teething, and to keep their ears standing. I highly recommend you invest in a quality large to x-large crate which you will have to block off as you are potty training, of course. I believe Pet Safe still carries the nice crates with the divider. We will start introducing the pups to a crate this week. I recommend stainless steel flip proof bowls  that are dishwasher safe. I absolutely do NOT recommend raw-hide and beg you not to buy them! Yuk! Puppy safe rubber toys, tugs, balls, kongs, and those longated fuzzy weener looking toys (the name escapes me right now) are fantastic. 

On December 2, which is 8 weeks pickup, No exceptions, I will ask that you bring a towel or puppy safe toy that can hold scent, with you so we can transfer Momma’s and the siblings scent to it. We have found it to be very helpful with the transition. As far as scheduling pick-up times, we will on week 7. I ask those clinets closer to me to be as flexible as possible as we have a few families traveling very long distances. Until next week guys!

Week 4 Jewels/Jerry Pictures 11/5/17 Be prepared for the cuteness! They aren't little bitty quiet puppies anymore! It is complete chaos at the Hall house now that these little guys are playing and moving all day long. You will notice I have put colored collars on all the pups except the one male. These collars will remain on the puppies until they go to their forever homes. They are all eating like little champs and absolutely love going outside. We added the tug cone and lots more toys to the puppy room. They have already figured out where to sleep and where to potty. These pups are super outgoing and confident already at just 4 weeks. We are still introducing them daily to all different sounds and surfaces. Tomorrow we will trim nails again and give the routine 4 week worming doses. I have emailed everyone on my deposit list a copy of our health guarantee and contract. This will be signed at 8 week pickup on Dec 2, so no need to print it. I just wanted to give you all plenty of time to read it and ask any questions you may have. Until next week guys! Enjoy! 

Week 3 Jewels/Jerry PIctures 10/29/17 Wow! What a difference, huh? These little bears are growing like crazy! We introduced them to our puppy “milkshake” and my goodness are they little piggies. You will notice in the picture, the whelping box was removed, toys were added, a water bowl was added for the puppies, and we removed the wall blankets so they can interact with the other dogs. We also trimmed nails again and wormed them as a preventive. This week we will introduce them to grass, carpet, hardwood floors and a trip or two outside weather permitting. We will also let them start to enjoy the puppy tug cone, puppy teeter, tunnel, and my personal favorite, the ball pit! Next week I will put colored collars on everyone and start giving my thoughts on temperament. Enjoy the pictures everyone! 

Week 2 Jewels/Jerry Pictures 10/22/17 What a difference a week makes! Ears and eyes are open and they are very alert! They love to be cuddled and have their chest and bellies rubbed, this is not the norm, this is because we started stimulation very very early. We cut their nails so Momma Jewels is much happier. This week we will continue to be very hands on and start introducing them to sights and sounds. One more week and we will introduce the puppy milkshake! Then you will really see some growth. We will give them some toys this week as their teeth are starting to come though. The puppy whelping box will go away as they figure out very quickly how to get out and closer to Momma! I may try collars for the photo shoot next week. Usually I don’t even bother until week 4, but these little boogers are growing fast, even Little bit! Enjoy the pics! 

Week 1 Jewels/Jerry Pictures 10/16/17 Already a little over a week has passed! 8 weeks will be here before you guys know it. As you can see from the pictures, our puppies have doubled in size! They will all be black/red or black/tan. Eyes and ears are still closed but we should see them opening this week. The babies pretty much sleep, eat, and poop all day just like a human baby! This coming week we will trim their nails and continue the neuro and puppy stimulation. Enjoy the pictures!! 

Newborn Jewels/Jerry Pictures 10/9/17 Momma Jewels and the pups (8 females and 1 male born on 10/7/17) are doing just great! Remember they are very dark when born and their colors will begin to show as they grow. All are gaining weight and eating like champs! Very lively, happy pups. I marked the sold male (aka Axe) with a blue ribbon. in a few weeks, I will be putting a permanent colored collar on each baby. Next week will be individual photos. We have already started handling and holding the puppies. Neurological Stimulation is started immediately. If you haven’t already looked our 6 week puppy pick day is November 18 and the BIG day to pickup your child is December 2. Please make arrangements to pickup your puppy on December 2. Enjoy the pics!!

Avah’s stud for her March 2018 litter

MACH 2 Enzo Z Blitz Vom Kleinen Hain CD BN MXS MJS DN

Happy goofball of a dog who is sweet and affectionate! Like most shepherds he is very into his people and when called to duty, he is very serious and driven. Enzo has a very stable temperament, solid nerve, and an off switch! In the words of his owner, Wanda, “he is a bed hog!” This guy is the all around GSD, working but the perfect companion, just like our Avah. Their litter should produce the same awesome qualitiies!! 

OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbow, Normal Cardiac and DM Carrier

Enzo’s pedigree:


Note: Please go to Contact Us to let us know you’re interested. All of our puppies come with AKC registration, UKC registration(white shepherd only), 2 year health guarantee, microchip, current shot and worming record, puppy manual, and lifetime breeder support. 

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